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Michael Candy is an international artist known for kinetic light sculptures, interactive installations and video work responding to contemporary technology and its socio-political impact.

His works often emerge as social experiments or ecological interventions, catalyzing audience experiences as environments are transformed through light and movement. This diverse practice mediates the liminal realm the digital age imposes on the physical world.

These artworks draw aesthetically from a lineage of post-industrial design, robotics, and emergent technology.

Candy has been involved in many international exhibitions and residencies, notably: Water, (GOMA, Brisbane), Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, (AGSA, Adelaide), Ars Electronica Festival, (Linz, Austria), The Kathmandu Triennale (Kathmandu, Nepal), The Forum of Sensory Motion (Athens, Greece), The Instrument Builders Project + Hackteria Lab (Yogyakarta, Indonesia), and Hawapi (Huepetuhe, Peru).

He is also the winner of the WRO Award as part of the 16th Media Art biennale in Poland and Prix Cube in Paris. He has also been a finalist in the Jeremy Hynes Award (Brisbane, Australia) and the Bio Art and Design Award (The Hague, Netherlands).

Currently based in Detroit, USA